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About us

The Perfect Partnership

Refined by years of experience, we have learned that the most effective way to design and build a custom timberframe project is collaboratively; by establishing a strong and experienced design and construction team from the inception of the design stage. This is what the ‘Perfect Partnership’ process means.

When embarking on the journey of designing and constructing a new home or property, the traditional process is to have the project designed and drawn, and then have it priced by several contractors prior to construction. However, it has been our experience and considered opinion that this model is more of a hindrance than a help, for various valid reasons. Instead we promote a process we call "The Perfect Partnership" which results in better pricing, more efficient construction, and a stronger, more prepared, project team.


One of the most significant reasons for moving away from the traditional process is because design and construction are not two totally separate processes; they are one integrated whole.

The traditional method fails because it segments the disciplines, creating an "us versus them" mindset which ultimately results in more confusion,miscommunication, greater potential for cost or scope creep during construction, and greater risk of failure.

We advocate for having an integrated process from the very inception of design, which includes the client, architectural designer, interior designer, contractor and engineers (Structural, Mechanical, Electrical/Lighting, Landscape etc). If the project is a timberframe home, the timberframer is also part of that team from the inception.
This method ensures that each party has a voice at the table from the design stage and forward, which adds tremendous value to your project. It results in better quality, more constructable designs, which are informed all the way through the process with budget analysis. It means that by the time your project gets to the construction stage, your contractor is exponentially better equipped to move forward in a significantly more prepared fashion, which results in greater construction efficiency, and ultimately, better management of your budget.

In "The Perfect Partnership" model, the pre-selection of your contractor shifts from only being about price, to being about value; which includes such factors including but not limited to: depth of experience, the team members who would be in charge of your project, what pricing and invoicing methods they use, their communication processes, their process for incorporating changes, and their depth of knowledge in construction methodology. The contractors role during the design stage shifts to one of 'trusted advisor' to your design team, while also being required to check in through the design process by providing pricing which ranges from 'order of magnitude' pricing in early design stages, and is refined into an increasingly more attuned budget as the design progresses. Their accountability is to collaborate with the architectural and interior design team to ensure that the most affordable and/or appropriate construction methods are being used, which overall has a tempering effect on your budget.


Our "Perfect Partnership" process removes the fear of the unknown from your project, and gives our clients greater peace of mind all the way through their job. We invite you to become part of our "Perfect Partnership Process", in which you areat the centre of the team, and your team is working holistically towards your goals from the very beginning!